COVID-19 “Corona virus” emergency communication | 2020.04.03

Communication relating to “Corona virus” emergency Dear CUSTOMERS / SUPPLIERS In compliance with the recent D.P.C.M. of 01/04/2020, SINAPSI srl inform that will extend the stop of production activity until next April 13th. Production and logistics activities of SINAPSI will restart regulary on Tuesday April 14th following the measures previously provided to ensure full compliance with the safety conditions, compatibly with further government provisions. The staff of our company and your usual contacts, which continues to …

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COVID-19 “Corona virus” emergency communication | 2020.03.24

Communication relating to “Corona virus” emergency Dear CUSTOMERS / SUPPLIERS In compliance with the D.P.C.M. of 22/03/2020, SINAPSI srl would like to inform that our production activity will be temporarily suspended until next Friday 3 April. The logistics department of SINAPSI will remain open until Wednesday 25 March to guarantee the scheduled shipments. To date, we have deployed our best resources to manage this emergency with the goal of providing you with the best possible service. The staff of our company and your usual …

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Suitability of remote energy consumption reading systems | SMG position

Suitability of remote energy consumption reading systems Position of the ANIE CSI Smart Metering Group on Directive 2018/2002 The document aims to illustrate and motivate the position of Smart Metering Group of ANIE CSI in relation to the evaluation of the different remote reading systems of energy consumption. The SMG group believes that mobile reading technologies (walk-by mode, in which a reader travels on foot personally to take meter readings, or drive-by mode, in which …

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MCE 2020 | postponed

MCE – EXPOCOMFORT EXHIBITION CONFERENCE POSTPONED FROM 8TH TO 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 AT THE MILANO TRADE FAIR EXPOCOMFORT EXHIBITION, the world’s leading trade fair for civil and industrial systems, air conditioning and renewable energy, initially scheduled from March 17 to 20 is postponed from 8 to 11 September 2020 following the epidemiological evolution of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy. After constantly monitoring the evolution of the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 and strictly following all …

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New rules for the management of arrearage in the integrated water service, as of 1 January 2020

DIFFERENTIATED RESTRICTION/SUSPENSION OR DEACTIVATION OF THE SUPPLY. With resolution 311/2019/R/idr, the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment (ARERA) regulates the procedures and timeframes for the establishment of a notice of default and the suspension/restriction of the supply of utilities also in the name of condominiums and public bodies. The measures taken shall respect the rights of the user and take account of the economic and financial equilibrium of the management: guarantee the minimum vital …

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Chain 2 video | Potential of the new 2G E-distribuzione meter

Potential of the new Open Meter 2G meter Chain 2, one of the main innovations of the electronic Open Meter 2G of E-distribuzione, enables the dissemination of technologies for monitoring consumption and production from renewable plants, as well as systems for the management of smart home. This is possible thanks to the integrated use of the new meter with the User Device supplied by companies such as Sinapsi. User Device, IoMETER 2G by Sinapsi | …

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