Webinar – New 2G Open Meter of e-distribuzione connected to the User Device: market opportunities

Webinar “New 2G Open Meter of e-distribuzione connected to the User Device: market opportunities” 10 September 14:30 – 15:30  Free registration Within 7 years e-distribuzione has the obligation to replace more than 32 million first generation electronic meters with the new ones, which can be read thanks to a User Device (DU), IoMETER 2G of Sinapsi, that exploits the communication via PLC-C along the so-called chain 2 (from the meter directly to the customer or third parties). SINAPSI …

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WORKSHOP ON WIRELESS M-BUS NETWORKS 2018, 25TH MAY – TORINO, ENVIRONMENT PARK Sinapsi organizes in collaboration with M&PF at Environment Park in Torino a meeting on Wireless M-Bus networks, focused on the solutions for the heat accounting, and not only, of SINAPSI. During the workshop the basic regulatory topics related to the Wireless M-Bus and the OMS standard will be discussed. We will tlak about EQUOBOX, and a practical demonstration of how the system works will …

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11-15 July 2016 – KNX certificated new COURSE

The course explains in detail the basic principles of the KNX technology with many practical examples and applications. At the end of the course there is a certification exam that allows to gain the certification of KNX partner, spendable at European level. With enrollment in the course a voucher for the purchase of ETS 5-Lite software is also provided and discounts for buying ETS5 licenses. Are you a TECHNICAL responsible for designing, installation and maintenance of electrical …

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11/15 April 2016 – KNX certificated courses of Sinapsi are starting!

KNX CERTIFICATED BASE COURSE It is addressed to TECHNICIANS involved in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical installations. To all PEOPLE INVOLVED to approach the world of “Home & Building Automation” based on the worldwide standard KNX protocol. To all PROFESSIONALS seeking new business opportunities, distinguishing himself and preparing the challenges that the future holds! DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!   KNX tutor, licensed professionals by the KNX Association   Partner KNX certification spendable at …

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Sinapsi e Metisoft insieme @ MCE 2016

Sinapsi and Metisoft together to offer a complete and integrated IoT solution for the keeping and assistance of heating and cooling systems and products. Sinapsi and Metisoft combine their know-how to propose to the conditioning and heating brand a solution that exploiting the IoT power collects information on the products operation  in real time, and processes them for keeping the control and assistance of the plants. The goal is to provide the sector companies with the tools to take an evolutionary path …

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Nasce BEM, il portale dedicato al Building Energy Manager

The portal for energy management, in english Building Energy Manager (BEM) according to the vision of SINAPSI. The aim is to become a reference in time for practical solutions to the energy problems of the building, starting from what is now a necessity, the compliance of certain aspects to UNI10200 rules that must be done no later than 2016 December 31. The portal is aimed at those who are on the field and will have to use these …

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