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2018: wind and photovoltaic win over coal in Europe

2018: wind and photovoltaic win over coal in Europe In 2018, renewable electricity reduced CO2 emissions in the EU energy sector by 5%, with the phasing out of coal. The share of wind and solar energy, as well as biomass and hydropower, increased to 32.3%. These are the results of the annual evaluation of the EU electricity system for 2018 by Agora Energiewende and Sandbag, the German and English think thanks. New wind, solar and biomass plants have replaced hard …

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In the  SolareB2B gennaio/febbraio issue  we talk about aggregators and digitization of the entire energy sector. Our CEO, Massimo Valerii, spoke about smart 2G meters and the integrated use of the IoMETER 2G User Device, in order to monitor production and consumption data. What is an aggregator? An aggregator is a market operator that creates many virtual power plants consisting of photovoltaic systems and connected storage systems. The aim is to enhance the value on the electricity market of the energy produced and consumed by several customers …

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EU Directive 2018/2002: from 2020 only remotely readable heat meters

New EU Directive published, introducing new and interesting measures for energy saving and improving energy efficiency. Directive 2018/2002 amends Directive 2012/27 on energy efficiency, through which the obligation to install heat meters in apartment buildings had already been introduced, in order to offer a more precise and complete picture on the subject and above all to introduce the important news on reading meters. The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, having taken …

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HEAT METERING: THE NEW UNI 10200 IS PUBLISHED  The new UNI 10200: 2018 entitled “Centralized heating systems for winter, summer and domestic hot water production – Criteria for the distribution of winter air conditioning, summer and production of domestic hot water” has become part of the national regulatory body October 11, 2018. The standard establishes the criteria for costs allocation of winter air conditioning (heating), summer air conditioning (cooling) and domestic hot water (DHW) in buildings with …

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Sinapsi @ EUW18

European Utility Week 2018 Vienna 2018 November 6-8 Now in its sixth edition, it is one of the largest trade fairs dedicated to electrical, gas and water Utilities and involves all sectors of smart energy and energy efficiency. The fair, which is annual and itinerant, is a strategic platform for investing in international markets that require the know-how of Italian companies in the smart energy sector. The EUW 2018 is divided into 3 programs: a …

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Sinapsi @ China International Import Expo

China International Import Expo Shangai 2018 November 5-10 Following a commitment by the Italian Government for a significant national presence at the event, ICE-Agenzia and Confindustria will coordinate the Italian collective participation at the fair. Italian companies have been selected with the aim of giving maximum visibility to the excellence of Italian technologies. Declaring the claim “Italy the Essence of Excellence“, the Italian presence includes an institutional pavilion and 5 thematic pavilions of 200 square …

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