Sinapsi e Metisoft insieme @ MCE 2016


Sinapsi and Metisoft together to offer a complete and integrated IoT solution for the keeping and assistance of heating and cooling systems and products.

Sinapsi and Metisoft combine their know-how to propose to the conditioning and heating brand a solution that exploiting the IoT power collects information on the products operation  in real time, and processes them for keeping the control and assistance of the plants.

The goal is to provide the sector companies with the tools to take an evolutionary path of the service model that “reactive” is poised to become “predictive“, providing an opportunity to reduce the costs of maintenance activities, improve the level of service, business processes related to it, and the efficiency of the entire production, organizational and services chain.

The presentation of this new integrated solution will take place on the occasion of MCE in Milan, in a joint conference entitled: “The IoT (Internet of Things) in the control and care of plants and heating and air-conditioning products” to take place on March 16 at 10:00 am at Pav. 2 meeting area and on March 18 at 11:00 am at Pav. 5 meeting area.

We wait for you at MCE!

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