SINAPSI HAS BECOME A FULL MEMBER OF THE OMS-Group The family of products EQUOBOX for the smart metering  is fully OMS (Open Metering System) compatible. Sinapsi has become a full member of the OMS-Group, “community of interest” of FIGAWA and KNX associations, with enterprises in the area of metering relevant to accounting and using a open standard of communication with the highest levels of security and data protection. The Open Metering System (OMS) is the only …

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Ecobonus 65% for energy efficiency measures The President of the Council, in recent days, met the press at Palazzo Chigi said that the Government, in the Stability Law, will extend to 2017 the deduction 65% for energy efficiency measures, which will also apply to those of seismic upgrading. Confirmed also the deduction from IRPEF or IRES for 10 years to a maximum amount of 100,000 Euros. The facilitation is granted for the realization of all …

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SINAPSI @ MCE 2016 – Thank You for your visit!

  Sinapsi Srl | www.sinapsitech.it View this email in your browser SINAPSI @ MCE 2016  Thank You for your visit! Pad.5 – Stand U29 Vi ringraziamo per averci visitato al nostro stand a MCE 2016! Siamo felici che i prodotti e le soluzioni della famiglia EQUOBOX abbiano riscosso un ottimo successo. Contatteci per qualsiasi informazione e chiarimento.  We thank you for visiting us at our booth at MCE 2016! We are happy that the EQUOBOX products …

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          EQUOBOX Solution SMART EVO Wireless M-Bus consists of RTU-EVO and wireless M-Bus 868MHz sinapsitech℗ REAPETER for energy metering, it has been evaluated and accepted by the MCE Scientific Committee chaired by Politecnico di Milano, not only to Percorso Efficienza & Innovazione 2016 but also as a product of excellence among all those submitted for the exhibition OLTRE LA CLASSE A  event. The product will soon be published on the website www.mcexpocomfort.it in OLTRE LA CLASSE A section …

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Sinapsi wins GOOD ENERGY AWARD 2015

Milan, September 29th, 2015 –  Sinapsi (Bastia Umbra – Perugia) for the Start-up category, Melinda (Cles – Trento) for the category Industry, Carrefour Italy (Milan) for category Tertiary and the Municipality of Vigodarzere (Padova) for category Public Administration and Public Utilities, are the winners of the sixth edition of “Good Energy Award 2015“. This is the verdict of the  Prize Jury devised by Bernoni Grant Thornton, who was the first in Italy  to propose a recognition to …

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Quali linguaggi per la contabilizzazione?

The 102/2014 Legislative Decree  starts off to the UNI 10200 for heat metering in centralized systems. A system for heat metering must have three characteristics to be effective: Completeness of the solution, from the hardware in the field up to the instruments of service for the billing and costs allocation Scalability, or the ability to grow the system over time depending on the characteristics of the plant and the growing needs of those who manages and …

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