The company is focused on the research, development and trading of its own technological solutions and high added value in the fields of automation, monitoring and control.

Sinapsi offers efficient and effective solutions for problems regarding:

  • civil and industrial technological systems;
  • systems for the production of renewable power;
  • systems for the metering of power and resources and for the partition of consumption and relative costs.

Sinapsi carries out several activities in the following sectors:

  • system integration activity for home and building automation systems;
  • sale of monitoring solutions for renewable energies;
  • sale of solutions for metering of power and resources of a building;
  • supply of web services for remote monitoring on Sinapsi SW platforms;
  • KNX devices development and certification on request;
  • development of O&M requested customized monitoring systems;
  • development of OEM devices for automation systems;
  • training on products and solutions;
  • training centre KNX authorized.