In this section we have gathered the most frequently asked questions from Sinapsi customers.

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  1. What are the entry user name and password of RTU?For default, the user and password access via web are respectively admin and admin
  2. Is it possible to change the admin and user credential for the access?It’s possible to change the user and password access credential in the section User Account. It’s possible to set up a unique account for user and a unique account for administrator
  3. What type of configuration is needed for a LAN IP?Please contact your local IT manager for to get a static LAN IP address for your RTU configuration
  4. What is the password to access to local display?The default password for access to local display is 000000
  5. What is the supported power supply?The supported power supply is 24VDC and 24Vac
  6. How many Mbus devices does RTU support?The RTU support a maximum of 250 Mbus devices
  7. How many Mbus devices does LC support?The LC support a maximum of 60 Mbus devices
  8. How Can I configure the email for reports sending?You can configure the mail for report sending in the section Settings, Advanced and Settings, Email Setup. Insert a SMTP of your knowledge or contact your local IT manager for to get a SMTP to put in.
  9. Is it possible to connect a free contact to RTU?Yes it’s possible to connect a maximum of three contact and a two digital output
  10. Is it possible to change the language in local directly by RTU?Yes, it’s possible to change the language in local configuration. Push the row button up or down for changing the language directly in display configuration. This operation is possible only after a display access
  11. Is it possible to create a UMTS/LAN connection?Yes, it’s possible to connect the device to a UMTS router. Refer to the router manual for a correct configuration of the LAN
  12. How Is it possible to upgrade the RTU firmware with a new meters model?The device can be updated online or offline. You can update the firmware version under the section Settings, Maintenance. For this operation you can use a binary file provided by Sinapsi or directly online if released
  13. How many samples manage he RTU?The RTU device can manage to minimum of 1 monthly sample, one every month, to  a maximum of 96 daily samples, one every 15 minutes
  14. What kind of configuration is it possible to do in a Mbus line?You can do every type of Mbus line expect the ring connection
  15. Does the system send a message alarm of the monitored devices?The system can send a alarm message. For activate this functionality flag Alarm email setup under the section Settings, Email setup
  16. Is it possible to change the baudrate?For default the baudrate is 2400bps but it’s possible to change the baud rate for every meters. We suggest to operate this operations directly via web under the section Settings, Search setting


  1. How do I realign the date and the time of the DataLogger? It is possible to realign the date and time of the DataLogger by synchronizing it with your PC by the menu: System configuration / system setup / system/ data and time configuration.
  2. Is it possible to backup the data on the DataLogger? The backup DataLogger is possible in two different ways:
    Automatically, placing on the appropriate USB port on the DataLogger, a minimum 4GB USB support free of automatically starting software, and planning the operation through the following menus: System configuration / schedules.
    Otherwise, it is possible to backup the data by exporting the file .sqlz and saving it on your PC by using the following menu: system data export / export / backup data base.
  3. Is it possible to make a system reset? The system reset is possible only by administrator. You need the administrator password to confirm the operation, using the following menu: System configuration / system setup/ system/ system data reset.
  4. Is it possible to receive a summary file of the PV plant production via email? It is possible to get the PV system production, in the following file formats: .xls .csv .xls (iOS). You can planned it from the following menu: System configuration / planning / sending data of the plant via e-mail.


  1. How can I connect an eSolar to Sinapsi Data Service?The connection to the Sinapsi Data Service is possible via system configuration menu. You can obtain further details from user handbook.
  2. How long does an eSolar / eSolar Lite system take to complete the connection to Sinapsi Data Service?The connection time may vary depending on the size of reference PV system.
  3. What URL can I use to reach Sinapsi Data Service?Sinapsi Data Service is reachable via URL provided upon signature of Sinapsi contract.
  4. How many plants can I monitor with Sinapsi Data Service?The number of plants is defined by contract.
  5. Can I install Sinapsi Data Service at my premises?By default, the service is provided on hosting by Sinapsi farm server, it is possible to presume an installation at another Server Farm after feasibility analysis.
  6. How often are data updated on Sinapsi Data Service?The production data are updated every 15 minutes
  7. How often are warning data updated on Sinapsi Data Service?Alarm data are updated in real time.
  8. How can I check if there is connection between between Sinapsi Data Service and photovoltaic field?It is visible at the resources list or group grid.
  9. Can I manage multiple users in Sinapsi Data Service?Yes, multiple users can be managed with different types of ACL.
  10. Can I produce system reporting with Sinapsi Data Service?Yes, it is possible to produce different types of reports in SNPDO section as in the paragraph.
  11. Is Sinapsi Data Service accessible anywhere?Yes the system is accessible via Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.