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“What is the home & building automation?”

The building automation, consists in the automation of functions relating to electrical and technological systems of a building.
The automation concerns both the actions that are normally performed by human beings, think of a light power-controlled
by means of a presence sensor instead of a manual one with a switch, which controls the plants, such as the automatic adjustment
of a solenoid valve for the control of the room temperature to the desired value.

The level and the quality of automation achieved are generally closely related to the purpose of the building
and they are the result of a careful analysis of the cost-benefit mix.
In general we can say that we talk about Building Automation whenever you do not have to do with housing for civilian use,
in which case we would be talking of Home Automation.

The term Home Automation intends to manage automatically and intelligently the home using a range of technologies to improve the quality of life
through a series of processes that simplify everyday life in domestic dwellings failing to have a strong impact on energy consumption
and consequently on the domestic economy.


“Which systems is it applied to?”



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In an open and flexible home automation system the applications are several and expandable:


The control of lighting fixtures can be either On / Off, but it is also possible to make a continuous adjustment of the light intensity.
The switching on or off of the equipment can also occur automatically according to the presence of persons people and only if the level of illumination is insufficient.
Some controls on lighting are possible even more sophisticated, in particular the luminous flux of a device can be adjusted (dimmed) in an automatic way to obtain a constant level of illumination.


As for the lighting fixtures also the windows can be operated manually (using the buttons) both individually and in groups. In particular the control of the blinds in synergy with other applications in order to maximize energy savings is very interesting.
The irrigation system can be controlled by programming the operation according to time slots and it is fully configurable.


The thermoregulation regards temperature control of the various areas of a building.
The temperature control system shall provide energy (heating) or absorb energy (cooling) automatically at the achievement of desired temperature.
An intelligent management of temperature control can lead to energy savings that can be up to 30%.


fire fighting, smoke detectors, gas leak detection, anti-flooding
It allows control of household systems operation by reporting any anomalies.
indoor and outdoor video surveillance
An anti-intrusion system integrated with the home automation system ensures major safety and security for your home. The ability to fisically view the status of the system gives an immediate perception of the situation, allowing a safe intervention both when you are present and when you are away from home. The plant can be expanded by adding an integrated system of video surveillance that allows images recording an event.


This application consists of the monitoring of the electricity distribution to different areas of a building and for the different distribution lines. A fine-grained control of energy consumption allows to have a precise knowledge of the time profile of consumption and their split in various areas, which facilitates precise identification of areas within the potential energy “waste”.


An important feature is the ability to control the system not only when you are at home but also remotely. Home automation is integrated with the services of audio / video communication inside the building.
Remote communication can take place:
By phone, sms or video call
Via computer, via email or webcam or software for remote management
Through a WEBSERVER mode it is possible to supervise and control the home automation system either locally (via LAN) or remotely (via the Internet: ADSL via IP both static and dynamic).


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