Sinapsi provides customized systems and solutions based on the needs and requirements of its customers
for remote monitoring and control.

Starting from a planning phase to define the contours of the application, any limitations of the existing situations,
current and possible future needs, which are translated into detailed technical specifications. Passing through a prototype phase,
the objective is to provide a dedicated solution in a very short time with the maximum containment of costs.

The activity of customization does not end in the delivery system alone, but is also expressed in the implementation of
all activities with the product and /or solution provided (documentation, packaging, etc. ..)


SINAPSI, over the years, has provided to their customers systems for controlling:



Sinapsi develops, designs and implements state-of-the-art customized solutions based on web server/cloud architectures, preferring open source O.S. and framework for various applications in relation to each customer’s request.
The aim is to provide a complete system for remote monitoring that enables builders and maintenance staff the complete management of the park facilities through dedicated cloud systems, accessible via laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Thanks to the experience gained over the years in the H & B Automation, Sinapsi is able to consider itself as a high-profile system Integrator for “KNX-oriented” applications. In this viewpoint it is able to develop and implement customized KNX gateway that provides its customers with a fast and efficient penetration in this segment of the fast-growing market. Sinapsi supports the customer throughout the process of editing: from definition of specifications, the hardware implementation of the product, via the KNX certification and management of contacts with the KNX Association itself.

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