Quality Policy


Quality Policy

Sinapsi’s “Mission” is to satisfy the requirements of its customers in terms of quality and reliability of the products and services supplied.

For this purpose, the Company has decided to develop a Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management System – Requirements”, identifying as their main target the commitment to align the organization, approach, internal processes, and customer offer to acknowledged standards according to that indicated in the Quality Manual and defined in detail in the Company Procedures.

The quality of the services provided and the products made are therefore a direct consequence of SINAPSI’s method of operating, which is committed to following the strategies below:

  • increase the market share;
  • customer satisfaction;
  • punctuality in dispatching orders;
  • supplying controlled and top quality products and services;
  • continuous improvement of the service.

The Quality Policy here shown is reflected in the measurable and quantifiable Quality Objectives, which will be explained and monitored during the Quality System Review phases carried out periodically by Company Management.

Where applicable, all Company Managers must implement the Quality System, promoting knowledge of the same and systematically monitoring operational activities, in a way to ensure that all staff operates with suitable skill regarding the qualitative prescriptions of the service and the operational methods defined in the established or agreed procedures.

All of the staff is also committed to the continuous improvement of quality in the development of its activities, under the policy and the Management directives, communicating and quickly handling any non-conformity that should be detected.

The Quality System Manager and the Management Representative, member of the latter, are assigned the authority to ensure that the Quality Management System is applied and maintained active in compliance with the Reference Standards and are entrusted with the task of informing the Management regarding the trend of the Quality System, in order to allow effective review and target improvement.

> Certificate ISO 9001:2015
> MOD 10 A_rev.3_Customer satisfaction questionnaire
> MOD 10 B_Rev0_Formal complaint regarding service