SINAPSI DATA SERVICE (SNPDS) is a cloud service provided in hosting.
The SINAPSI DATA SERVICE system offers centralisation, filing, management, analysis of data collected in field with customisable reports and visualisation in multiscreen mode.
SINAPSI DATA SERVICE acquires the data contained in its own devices, such as ESOLAR and EQUOBOX and those belonging to third parties, making a copy for consultation and backup.


In order to reach these goals, Sinapsi relies on highly skilled staff, working in a dynamic organisation which constantly invests in research and development in new fields and markets, with the purpose of offering innovative solutions.
SINAPSI follows the entire process for the development of a technological project, from consultancy during the feasibility studies up to final testing and including designing and constructing in the following areas of specialization:

  • home & building automation;
  • electronics, electro technical and thermoregulation;
  • renewable power;
  • energy efficiency and smart metering;
  • integration of installation management systems;
  • supervision systems

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Sinapsi provides its own clients with specific customized solutions in terms of products and technical services.
SINAPSI designs and executes communication gateways among different communication protocols. Development, design and production of customized solutions based on web server architecture, preferring open source S.O., for various applications with relation to each single customer request.
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Sinapsi, to complete its services and activities, provides its customers with an efficient service, articulated in a range of solutions modeled on the needs of the customer.
SINAPSI Customer Service offers telephone and web support of first and second level to its customers and / or partners, in the form of specific packages of support or maintenance, and software upgrades and hardware replacement of its products and devices.
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SINAPSI never neglects continuous training, offering a training programme at its Training Centre, equipped with a room for the classes, and at the premises of clients, partners and retailers.
From 2010 it was acknowledged as KNX Training Centre authorised to offer Basic and Advanced certified KNX courses.
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