Chain 2

Chain 2 video | Potential of the new 2G E-distribuzione meter

Potential of the new Open Meter 2G meter Chain 2, one of the main innovations of the electronic Open Meter 2G of E-distribuzione, enables the dissemination of technologies for monitoring consumption and production from renewable plants, as well as systems for the management of smart home. This is possible thanks to the integrated use of the new meter with the User Device supplied by companies such as Sinapsi. User Device, IoMETER 2G by Sinapsi | …

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Seminar | ARERA, Milano 2019 May 22

Monitoring of communication performance between second generation meters and user devices – Chain 2 10.30-13.00 a.m. Morandi Hall – FAST Congress Centre Piazzale Morandi 2, Milano The seminar will illustrate the results of the monitoring campaign, conducted throughout 2018, on the communication performance between the new second-generation (2G) low-voltage electrical energy meters and User Devices (so-called “Chain 2”). The seminar, organized by the Authority and attended by CEI, Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano, RSE, Ente di Ricerca …

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