Ecobonus 70-75% for condominiums, ENEA vademecum

Ecobonus 70-75% Useful vademecum by ENEA (National Energy Efficiency Agency) for deductions of 70-75% for energy redevelopment interventions on common parts of condominiums, for expenses incurred from 2017, January 1st to 2021, December 31st. Two different types of redevelopment are: 70% deduction if they affect the building casing with an incidence greater than 25% of the gross dispersal surface of the building; 75% deduction for interventions aimed at improving winter and summer energy performance and achieving …

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Ecobonus 65% for energy efficiency measures The President of the Council, in recent days, met the press at Palazzo Chigi said that the Government, in the Stability Law, will extend to 2017 the deduction 65% for energy efficiency measures, which will also apply to those of seismic upgrading. Confirmed also the deduction from IRPEF or IRES for 10 years to a maximum amount of 100,000 Euros. The facilitation is granted for the realization of all …

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Deduct the costs for the installation of your metering system

Income Revenue Authority new Circular No. 18/E of May 6th, 2016  for expenses incurred up to the 2016/12/31 The Income Revenue Authority with this circular clarifies the extent to which the costs are eligible for aid for the installation of individual meters in apartment buildings in order to measure the actual consumption of heat or cooling or hot water of individual units or systems thermoregulation and heat metering. By year-end condominiums and buildings, in accordance to Legislative …

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