January 2019 records+695% for new renwable energy resources installations

January 2019 records +695% for new RES installations The data of the Osservatorio Anie Rinnovabili  speak for themselves. In January 2019 the new installations of photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric and bioenergy reach a total of about 478 MW (+695% compared to 2018), of which 407 MW from bioenergy. PHOTOVOLTAIC In January 2019, photovoltaic installations exceeded 33 MW (+5% compared to the same period in 2018).  The number of connected production units is increasing (+9%), mainly due to tax …

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Enerray and Sinapsi in the field for three “Benban” projects with a cumulative capacity of 116 MWp.

PRESS RELEASE “Benban Solar Park” is under construction in Egypt: the largest solar photovoltaic park in the world visible from space. Enerray and Sinapsi in the field for three “Benban” projects with a cumulative capacity of 116 MWp. Enerray, a subsidiary of Seci Energia and a member of the Maccaferri Industrial Group, has invested in the development of three photovoltaic plants forming part of the “Benban Solar Park”, for which it is also the EPC and O&M Contractor; …

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Free Conference – Brescia, October 12, 2017

Autoconsumo e Sviluppo Tecnologico per il Fotovoltaico del Futuro Sinapsi, technological partner of the conference What will we talk about? Electrical and thermal accumulation: grid parity for residential FV Conscious design and “safety” of self-consumption All the opportunities of new laws and regulations What are the benefits? Technological updates and market opportunities Possibility to set up 1to1 meetings with our technology partners Breakfast and lunch offered by PM Service Available seats are limited Read the program …

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Fotovoltaico: pochi passi per evitare gli oneri generali di sistema

The competitiveness decree D. L. 91/2014 as converted into Law 116/2014 introduced the requirement for all production plants from renewable sources of power greater than 20 kW to payment system charges not only on energy drawn from the grid but also energy self consumed. The system costs are approximately one third of the average cost of electricity supply, estimated at € 50-55 / MWh, so that all plants from renewable sources above, will be obliged to pay …

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