Open Meter 2G


In the  SolareB2B gennaio/febbraio issue  we talk about aggregators and digitization of the entire energy sector. Our CEO, Massimo Valerii, spoke about smart 2G meters and the integrated use of the IoMETER 2G User Device, in order to monitor production and consumption data. What is an aggregator? An aggregator is a market operator that creates many virtual power plants consisting of photovoltaic systems and connected storage systems. The aim is to enhance the value on the electricity market of the energy produced and consumed by several customers …

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IoMETER 2G, the device officially tested and able to read the new e-distribuzione meter

IoMETER 2G, the device officially tested and able to read the new e-distribuzione meter The Sinapsi User Device (DU), IoMETER 2G, is the officially e-distribuzione recognized  device, able to read the new Open Meter 2G that enables greater awareness of energy usage by providing more timely information, enabling also services and applications for home automation. The Sinapsi DU, in compliance with the technical specifications provided by the regulations, is the first device to comply with …

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Second Generation Smart metering (2G) : Sinapsi how to do it.

The User Device (DU) of Sinapsi is in compliance with the regulatory technical specifications and is ready to participate in field testing.  Sinapsi has met the times set by AEEGSI (Electricity Energy Authority for Gas and Water System) and is ready for field testing, as outlined in Resolution 222 of 6 April 2017. In implementation of Legislative Decree no. 102/2014 on energy efficiency that transposes the European Directive 27/2012, distributors are obliged to adopt intelligent …

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