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Single Hop Wireless M-Bus / OMS 868 MHz Repeater of EQUOBOX system. It is able to cover a distance of 500 mt in open air and 20 meters in building.
The device uses a technology that allows you to expand the W. M-Bus networks, in fact, between them, the antennas will automatically establish the connection that allows the best signal quality and, upon receipt of the W. M-Bus plots, spread to the datalogger.


Easy to use
The USB interface allows the use of the Toolkit software to read data from the meters and commissioning the repeater network.

The repeater able to acquire the signal from one or more communicating meters according to the 868MHz W.M-Bus standard and retransmit received data to a SIN.RTU1X or SIN.EQRPT868XT in order to extend the wireless range of the meters themselves.

wireless-M-Bus-contabilizzazione-UNI 10200-metering-sinapsi


  • Openness to W. M-Bus multibrand transmitters, OMS
  • Management of different operation modes (S-T-C)
  • Extreme ease of configuration through the use of: onboard indicators, toolkit software
  • USB port onboard for power supply (especially indicated for commissioning phase)
  • Grid network supply (no need to change batteries)
  • No limitation in terms of number of devices supported
  • Bidirectional wireless M-BUS mode supported (S2/T2)
  • Compatible with SIN.EQRTU1X


Consult the Presetting List to see pre-set objects with the Equobox system

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