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868MHz Wireless M-Bus sinapsitech℗ Repeater of EQUOBOX system.

It handles up to 500 meters and it is able to cover a distance of 500 mt in the open air and 20 meters in the building.

It supports multi-hop mode without any limitation regarding the number of hops. Stand-alone mode for use with SIN.EQSW1 (connection via USB) with always available last reading from the wireless M-Bus device. 


Easy to use

The USB interface allows the use of the Toolkit software to read the data coming from meters and the commissioning of the repeater network.

Multi-HOP and open

The repeater has a multi-hop function that allows to extend the network coverage when used with other repeaters, it is also able to manage meters with wireless M-Bus (868 and 169) and OMS protocol. The received signals are retransmitted immediately without time-shifting so as to have consumption data in real time.

wireless-M-Bus-contabilizzazione-UNI 10200-metering-sinapsi


  • Data acquisition from W-M-Bus 868MHz meters/heat cost allocators
  • Operating in stand-alone mode via TOOLKIT software
  • Acquisition of data directly or via LEVEL CONVERTER
  • T/S/C communication mode support
  • Led for real-time display of sinapsitech℗ backbone level signal
  • Log data with continuous availability for last acquired data download
  • Patch mounting


Consult the Presetting List to see pre-set objects with the Equobox system

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