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Datalogger for meters with M-Bus protocol.

SIN.EQRTU1 is a system of acquisition, processing and recording of data from devices that use M-Bus protocol standard such as meters. For the connection to the M-Bus network requires the use of one or more SIN.EQLC1 devices. 

The system is capable of handling up to 250 M-Bus devices and ensuring the storage of daily readings for up to 10 years.

It allows meter readings, report generation, querying of historical readings, setup of the M-Bus network and local I/O managing, through a web interface.

The system also features a graphic display for setup and reading consultation and I/O status without PC. It even offers three digital inputs and two relays which can be defined logical AND/OR and sending emails.


Ease of use

The graphic display allows the user to set up the metering system in just a few simple steps, all of which are prompted by a convenient setup wizard.

All the settings linked to the system’s functionality are performed locally on the display or via WEB interface.

Always updated

When connected to the internet, the device’s web interface automatically checks for updates and allows the user to proceed with a simple click in web interface.

M-Bus RTU-4 Luglio 2014 n.102-contabilizzazione-sinapsi


  • Master function for M-Bus cable networks with 60 devices modularity
  • Expandable up to 250 devices by adding modules in series
  • Local memory for up to 2 years
  • Graphical display
  • 3 digital input and 2 relays output (5A)
  • 24Vdc +/- 10%, 24 Vac (min 20Vac, max 40 Vac) power supply or PoE (IEEE 802.3)
  • Meters query and data consultation through WEB interface
  • Possibility to download the report of the acquired data in csv and xls format
  • E-mail notification for alarms generated by the digital inputs and the meters state
  • Ability to command the two outputs relay on-board (or off-board) over time/logic/alarm control
  • Remotly via LAN, ADSL or UMTS / GPRS router



web interface,datalogger,contabilizzazione,smart metering

The web interface allows:

  • Meter readings
  • Generating and sending automatic reports
  • Querying of historical readings
  • Setup of the M-Bus network
  • I/O managing

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