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 SIN.EQRTU4 is a datalogger to acquire data from devices that use wired standard M-Bus protocol such as meters, heat cost allocators
It supports up to 250 M-Bus meters, up to 20 wired meters trough M-Bus integrated port. Futher M-Bus meters supported through the use of SIN.EQLC1. The web interface allows accessing data, reports generating, the setup of the M-Bus networks and the management of local I/O.


Easy to use

The graphic display allows to make the commissioning of the metering system in a few steps guided by a setup wizard.

Always updated

Through the Internet the device will check for updates and notify the user who can decide to install them with a simple click in the web interface.


The user can start scanning the M-Bus network to allow the acquisition of devices connected via cable or via radio through a single button. Automatic recognition of detected devices allows to immediately start the data acquisition and the automatic creation of reports using predefined data sets, user-changeable, complete with measurement unit, size type and description (language), with resulting elimination of need for further user activities.

RTU M-BUS 20 dev


  • Master function for M-Bus cable networks with 60 devices modularity
  • It supports up to 20 wired meters through M-Bus integrated port
  • Expandable up to 250 devices by adding modules in series
  • Local memory for up to 2 years
  • Graphical display
  • 3 digital input and 2 digital relays output
  • 24 Vdc +/- 10%, 24 Vac (min 20 Vac, max 40 Vac) power supply or PoE
  • Meters query and data consultation through WEB interface
  • Possibility to download the report of the acquired data in csv and xls format
  • E-mail notification for alarms generated by the digital inputs and the state of the meters
  • Ability to command the two outputs relay on-board (or external I/O) via web interface based on programmable logics or in case of alarm
  • Remotly via LAN, ADSL or UMTS / GPRS router



web interface,datalogger,contabilizzazione,smart metering

The web interface allows:

  • Meter readings
  • Generating and sending automatic reports
  • Querying of historical readings
  • Setup of the M-Bus network
  • I/O managing

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