It is now the last summer useful to adapt the centralized heating systems by 2016 December 31.


The Council of Ministers, the 2016 July 14 has approved the corrective legislative decree of Legislative Decree 102/2014 transposing Directive 2012/27 /EU on energy efficiency.
The decree cares about the observations made by the European Commission, by changing some aspects.

Among the main content of the measure, the adjustment of certain definitions, clarifications on the calculation of the national target mode binds energy efficiency and provisions to clarify the rules concerning the metering, billing of energy consumption and the allocation of costs in apartments and multi-purpose buildings.

Among the corrections it is possible to differently allocate the consumption shares to protect the homes with greater heat loss.
Basically, the total consumption share of the central heating is no longer entirely divided according to individual levies, but for at least 70% based on actual samples of thermal energy of the single apartments. The remaining 30%, however, must be shared with other calculations, for example according to the thousandths or to square meters of various properties.
In case of technical impossibility, as a vertical distribution system with risers that serve radiators of different dwellings on several floors, or in the case of inefficiency in terms of costs and disproportion compared to the potential energy savings, there is the need to install  thermostatic valves and heat cost allocators on each heater in each apartment.

The decree also provides for the simplification and the removal of administrative barriers to the efficiency dissemination, and the possibility to increase, with additional resources resulting from the proceeds of the auctions of allowances of CO2 emissions, the allocation of the constituting National Fund for energy efficiency, to fund redevelopment in various sectors, from residential to public administrations.