KNX ITALIA reconfirms Sinapsi as President Massimo Valerii

The new elected Board of Directors of KNX ITALIA  …

The organs of the KNX ITALIA are:

  •      Assembly
  •      Board of Directors
  •      Board of Directors President

The Board of Directors of KNX ITALIA is elected by the shareholders among the members of the Cat “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”, and it defines strategic guidelines of the association that are fundamental to addressing the activities of marketing, technical and training groups. The Board of Directors is vested with the broadest powers for the administration of the association and for the achievement of its statutory objectives.

The Board of Directors of KNX ITALIA is as follows:

ABB Sace              Ing. Antonino Sala
Barbieri Siedle   Ing. Hugo Barbieri
Domoticalabs     Ing. Claudio Caldera
BTicino           Ing. Ernesto Santini
Gewiss            Sig. Giovanni Lomboni
Hager              Dott. Luca Biancolin
Siemens          Ing. Giampiero Forte
Sinapsi          Ing. Massimo Valerii     President
Theben            Sig. Carlo Baragetti
Vimar               Ing. Giovanni Gambin     Vice-president

The activities of marketing / communication, technical and training are coordinated by the association:

  • Mr. Michele Pandolfi – Gewiss SpA    marketing coordinator
  • Mr. Renato Ricci – Siemens AG         training coordinator
  • Mr. Maurizio Vettorato – Abb SpA     technical coordinator

Secretary of the Association KNX Italy – Ing Filomena d’Arcangelo