Qualification for installation of heat metering systems

The Ministry of Economic Development responded to a question from the CNA on the qualification required for the installation of heat metering systems.


MiSE, General Directorate for Market, Competition, Consumer, the Supervision and Technical Regulations, responded to the question made last April by the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises (CNA), about the approval necessary for the installation of heat cost systems and thermostatic valves.

The request came after the opinion of the Research Department of a trade association of property managers who claimed that the installation of heat metering system, considered “electronic system”, could be done by electricians, as per letter. b) of the DM 37/08. In this way there were a lot of problems to companies authorized to install systems of thermal sector.

MiSE has agreed with CNA arguing that “the activities of the installation of heat metering systems cost allocators and related thermostatic valves (thermoregulatory mechanisms that are installed in each heater in the presence of heat metering systems) must be regarded as falling in the activity of the plant installation of heating “.
The installation activities of such equipment remains the sole responsibility of the only companies entitled to conduct referred to in subparagraph c, paragraph 2 of art. 1 (heating systems, air conditioning, air conditioning and refrigeration of any nature or kind, including the works of evacuation of the combustion products and condensates, and ventilation and aeration of the premises).

Green light for just thermo installers !!