Sinapsi helps the realization of future-oriented energy systems

Sinapsi  offers M-Bus Indoor and Outdoor wireless sensors also in Italy and in this way it helps the realization of future-oriented energy systems.


In Europe the interest and need for intelligent energy systems is growing, that, with the help of sensors for temperature, control and regulate the climate situation of the interior.
Especially in public buildings, such as ministries or schools, these systems are a growing application. In some European countries the recommendation to equip older buildings with the temperature sensor is applied as well as the request to equip the new buildings with these sensors.

In accordance with these trends Sinapsi offers also in Italy the WEPTECH sensors, integrated into a Wireless M-Bus network already exists and able to deliver reliable measurement data of temperature. The sensors provide a continuous monitoring and without temperature and humidity of the spaces cables. The battery life, depending on the type of device, can reach 12 years.
The two AA cells used are replaceable without problems and are equipped with protection against reverse polarity.
The temperature sensors are available in both indoor or outdoor version with a water-resistant housing, dust and ultraviolet rays.

The WEPTECH  temperature and OMS inhouse humidity sensors are also employed in the thermal energy savings in order to obtain data on the climate situation of a building.
Most of the existing heating systems work only with external sensors and don’t take into account additional and important measurement parameters that affect in a determining way the thermal behavior of a building. These values are used in combination with an energy balance model that continuously provides for the influence of different adjustment scenarios to achieve a constant internal temperature. Through this intelligent system the energy consumption of a building can be reduced by up to 10%. This opens a large number of possibilities in the energy management.