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ALFA Web APP is the advanced web dashboard that transforms the way you monitor and manage energy, both from home and professionally. With a global view of your facilities and those of your customers, ALFA Web APP is the ideal solution for having control and energy efficiency at the click of a button.

Complete monitoring

With ALFA Web, keep track of energy consumption and PV system utilization in a detailed and accurate manner, directly from your PC.

Ease of use

Easily manage energy consumption and download data in CSV format for in-depth analysis, all with a few simple clicks.

Multiple monitoring

Monitor and manage multiple systems from a single intuitive screen. Perfect for professionals and owners of multiple facilities, it offers a centralized and simplified overview.


Complete overview of your facilities

In the ‘I miei Impianti‘, discover a global view of all your connected installations. Each system is presented with an intuitive graph showing daily consumption and updated data for the last few days.

Select a specific system for detailed analysis: displays instantaneous and withdrawn power, with the ability to filter by day, time interval, and time slot. Explore the monthly consumption graph and stay informed with the dedicated notification space.

Easily download consumption data in CSV format, selecting the desired time interval for optimized management and analysis of your systems.

Manage your systems' shares

The ‘Condivisioni‘ section gives you complete control over shared facilities. Here, you can easily view which systems have been shared with you and those you have shared with others. This feature facilitates collaboration and joint facility management by allowing you to keep track of who has access to your energy data and what information they have access to. It is ideal for creating a collaborative and informed energy management network.

Administer and manage your ALFA licenses.

In the ‘Licenze‘ di ALFA Web, section of ALFA Web, you have a clear picture of your active licenses. Here you can manage licenses that allow you to monitor more ALFA devices, expanding your energy management capabilities. It is the dedicated space for checking the status of your licenses, renewing or updating them, always ensuring maximum efficiency and customization in monitoring your facilities.

Mobile App

The ALFA device is now integrated with a single mobile app, ALFA Tech, designed to simplify the entire process. ALFA Tech facilitates the initial connection of the device to the meter and verifies compatibility. Additionally, it allows detailed monitoring of energy consumption and flow, offering a comprehensive overview of energy usage. You can access this information wherever you are, ensuring flexible and always accessible energy consumption management.





App customization for businesses

Do you want to reflect the uniqueness of your brand? You can make your own version of ALFA’s APPs!

Contact our team to adapt the product to your company’s specific needs.