The company

We have been manufacturing and distributing devices and systems for monitoring consumption, energy and all quantities in the field for more than 20 years.

Our Story


SINAPSI was established as a system integrator from the many years of experience of an engineering firm.


SINAPSI began its activity in the development and production of hardware devices and software applications for the Home and Building automation world, especially entering the Konnex (now KNX) world.


SINAPSI continues its activity in developing hardware devices and software applications for the world of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and smart metering.
The ESOLAR family comes to life and becomes the benchmark in the domestic and international market for PV system monitoring systems.


SINAPSI launches its cloud platform, SINAPSI DATA SERVICE (SNPDS), on the market, through which it begins to provide its customers with high-tech services in various application fields by processing and analyzing data from its systems.


SINAPSI launches EQUOBOX Solutions for energy and resource metering of a building, also enabling the allocation of operating costs in accordance with UNI 10200.


SINAPSI develops integrated, customized solutions modeled on customer needs and forges partnerships with leading international companies.
Launches a remote control system for boilers, pellet stoves and heat pumps: CHECKHEAT.


Building Energy Manager (BEM), a portal dedicated to building energy management, and the two channels OEM/Key Account and Energy Partner are born, with the Partner Program active for the latter both in Italy and worldwide.


SINAPSI develops MULTIGATEWAY remote reading and remote management for multibus and multibrand district heating.


SINAPSI provides its customers with a control panel, SINAPSI GLOBAL HUB IoT Platform (SGH), to better manage its fleet of SGH-compliant devices.


SINAPSI communicates with e-distribuzione's new Open Meter 2.0 smart meters through joint use with its User Device, IoMETER 2G, providing end users with real-time awareness of their electricity consumption.


SINAPSI renews its image with the redesign of its institutional website and communication line. Also born is the SINAPSI.STORE, the e-commerce according to SINAPSI where devices can be purchased and also available services related to them by creating SINAPSI COIN, a flexible and convenient credit system.


The B2C market is being approached for the first time. ALFA, the first user device for electric meter data reading 2.0 Open Meter, is launched on the market through a campaign on INDIEGOGO.


Massimo Valeri has a long experience as an entrepreneur in the world of electrical engineering and Advisor to numerous Trade Associations. He is founder, CEO and president of the company Sinapsi Srl. Since 2007, he has been President of the KNX Italia Association and since 2020, Director of the Italian Association of Building Automation and Control Systems (AIBACS). He is a Director of Confindustria Umbria in the Innovative and Technological Services Section and since 2022 Vice President of the ANIE CSI Association with responsibility for Digitization and Interassociative Relations. A member of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Perugia since 1993, he has been a lecturer at the RIDEF 2.0 University Master’s Degree Course on Energy Efficiency at the Milan Polytechnic, in the 2014-2015-2017 editions.
After graduating with a degree in Electronic Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan. began his professional activity in the field of electrical and electronic systems design. In 2000, he established an engineering company called ENERGY PROJECT ENGINEERING SRL specializing in the design of electrical, electronic and building systems automation and for which he serves as CEO and designer. During this period he gained experience in digital building technologies. In 2004, he built, in parallel, SINAPSI SRL, which entered the market as a “system integrator,” gaining experience in the field of design, configuration and commissioning of automation systems. The company grows and begins to design, develop, and manufacture devices and solutions for building automation systems, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and smart metering. SINAPSI is now an all-Italian company that develops, designs, and manufactures IoT solutions in energy monitoring and control of the electrical world, heat monitoring and metering, monitoring of renewable sources, and building automation control. It has consolidated its position in the European market over the years as an OEM manufacturer of prestigious international brands thanks to its strong focus on research and development activities on which it invests significant resources with the aim of creating high-value products and solutions. To enrich its expertise, SINAPSI sits on several technical tables in both Confindustria (ANIE and Confindustria) and regulatory (CEI, CTI, UNI) associations. Since the beginning of its business, it has firmly believed in and adopted the KNX standard as the main reference protocol for the development of its building automation products. Following the evolution of market business models that are becoming data-driven, it has been connecting its solutions in recent years by firmly entering the IoT and services market.

The Team

Quality Policy

The staff of Sinapsi is committed every day with the goal of meeting the needs of its customers in terms of quality and reliability of the products and services provided. To this end, the Company has decided to develop a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard “Quality Management System – Requirements,” identifying as central the commitment to aligning the organization, approach, internal processes and customer offerings with recognized standards as outlined in the Quality Manual and detailed in the Company Procedures.

The quality of services provided and products produced is thus a direct consequence of the way Sinapsi operates, which is committed to the following strategies:

  • Increase in market share

  • Customer satisfaction research

  • Punctuality in order fulfillment

  • Provision of quality-controlled products and services

  • Pursuit of continuous service improvement

The Quality Policy set out here, is reflected in the Quality Objectives, measurable and quantifiable, which will be made explicit and monitored during the Quality System Review phases carried out periodically by the company management. All company managers, to the extent of their responsibility, are required to implement the Quality System, to disseminate knowledge of it and to systematically monitor operational activities, so as to ensure that all personnel operate with adequate competence with regard to the quality requirements of the service and the operating methods defined in the established or agreed procedures. All personnel are also committed to pursuing continuous quality improvement in the development of their own activities, within the framework of management’s policy and directives, promptly reporting and handling any nonconformities that may be detected. The Quality System Manager and the Management Representative who is a member of the Management, is given the authority to ensure that the Quality Management System is applied and kept active in accordance with the relevant Standard and is entrusted with the task of reporting to the Management on the progress of the Quality System, so as to enable its effective review and direct its improvement.

Ethics and Business Conduct

Sinapsi pays attention to compliance with national and EU environmental regulations and ensures that its products comply with legal requirements. Integrity, honesty and fairness are the necessary factors that have always accompanied SINAPSI. In the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Sinapsi’s commitments and responsibilities are expressed within the scope of its business to customers and to its employees and collaborators. It also represents a veritable framework for the evaluation of all the activities carried out, which Sinapsi is committed to, where minimum and non-negotiable standards of behavior are set.