MySinapsi e Sinapsi Global Hub (SGH)

MySinapsi is the access key to the Sinapsi ecosystem.
A single platform to manage devices, applications and more, designed to offer a seamless and integrated user experience.

MySinapsi features

MySinapsi represents the ideal solution for those looking for centralized and intuitive access to the Sinapsi universe. This unique account was designed to allow users to easily locate and manage all Sinapsi-related devices and applications.

With MySinapsi, users can keep tabs on every aspect of their Sinapsi experience. The platform allows you to check software updates, manage payments and quickly access the web interfaces of applications, such as ALFA Web and Sinapsi Global Hub.

Another key aspect of MySinapsi is its ability to support developers and technology enthusiasts. From your account, you can generate and download APIs, along with corresponding manuals, facilitating development and custom integration.

MySinapsi also includes quick links to useful spaces such as the Academy Sinapsi and l’e-commerce. These direct links allow users to access educational resources to deepen their knowledge of Sinapsi products and explore the wide range of offerings available in the online store.

Sinapsi Global Hub

Sinapsi Global Hub (SGH) is our innovative IoT platform, designed for advanced and optimized management of “SGH-compliant” devices.
SGH stands out for its ability to simplify the management of fleets of devices, providing clear information and enabling intuitive control from any platform

Intuitive Management:​

  • Centralized management app that offers intuitive and immediate control.
  • Simple use to optimize operations and manage critical situations.

API for Personalization:

  • Flexible SGH APIs that adapt to real-time development needs.
  • Ability to create custom applications via SGH APIs, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Simplified Reach:

  • SGH guarantees the accessibility of the web interface of the EQUOBOX “EVO” devices.
  • No complex configuration necessary, regardless of router or SIM type.
SGH control panel to better manage your fleet of SGH-compliant devices.