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In the FAQ section you will find quick and precise answers to the most common questions about EQUOBOX products and services.


For default, the user and password access via web are respectively admin and admin

It’s possible to change the user and password access credential in the section User Account. It’s possible to set up a unique account for user and a unique account for administrator

Please contact your local IT manager for to get a static LAN IP address for your RTU configuration

The default password for access to local display is 000000

The supported power supply is 24VDC and 24Vac

The RTU support a maximum of 250 Mbus devices

The LC support a maximum of 60 Mbus devices

You can configure the mail for report sending in the section Settings, Advanced and Settings, Email Setup. Insert a SMTP of your knowledge or contact your local IT manager for to get a SMTP to put in.

Yes it’s possible to connect a maximum of three contact and a two digital output

Yes, it’s possible to change the language in local configuration. Push the row button up or down for changing the language directly in display configuration. This operation is possible only after a display access

Yes, it’s possible to connect the device to a UMTS router. Refer to the router manual for a correct configuration of the LAN

The device can be updated online or offline. You can update the firmware version under the section Settings, Maintenance. For this operation you can use a binary file provided by Sinapsi or directly online if released

The RTU device can manage to minimum of 1 monthly sample, one every month, to a maximum of 96 daily samples, one every 15 minutes

You can do every type of Mbus line expect the ring connection

The system can send a alarm message. For activate this functionality flag Alarm email setup under the section Settings, Email setup

For default the baudrate is 2400bps but it’s possible to change the baud rate for every meters. We suggest to operate this operations directly via web under the section Settings, Search setting

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Change Log

New firmware release of SIN.EQRTUEVO1T

Click the “Download Release notes” button to immediately download the CHANGE LOG with the latest firmware version.

To download the file for the OFF-LINE update, click on “Go to the product sheet in the SINAPSI STORE”,
LOGIN and download the file from the “Download” TAB.


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