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The compact and intelligent device for intuitive, fast and efficient electricity management.

ALFA is a compact and intuitive device, easily connects to modern Open Meter 2.0 electricity meters viaChain 2, allowing energy consumption to be monitored accurately and in real time. Designed by Sinapsi to be plug&play, ALFA is easy to install and use, ideal for home use.

The plug version, designed for the B2C market, works by plugging directly into a power outlet, eliminating the need for complicated wiring. PFor the professional market, particularly for installers and system integrators. There is a DIN version, for DIN rail installations inside electrical panels.

The DIN version is ideal for local communication with other automation systems via fieldbus such as Modbus, soon to be, KNX.

In combination with EQUOBOX, ALFA provides a comprehensive view of a building’s consumption. Supporting major communication protocols, ALFA easily integrates with other ecosystems, expanding the potential of the system. With ALFA and EQUOBOX, home automation systems such as LogicMachine and IkonServer can centrally manage all consumption in a building.


ALFA “Plug” is the ideal solution for home energy control, designed for the B2C market. This plug&play device plugs directly into a power outlet, making any complicated wiring unnecessary. Using the CHAIN 2 communication channel, ALFA offers accurate and easy energy monitoring suitable for every home. It is the perfect choice for those seeking simple, efficient energy management without technical intervention.

Alfa DIN

Designed for the professional market, ALFA DIN is an advanced solution for DIN rail installations in electrical panels. Ideale per installatori e integratori di sistema, ALFA DIN si distingue per la sua capacità di comunicare localmente con altri sistemi di automazione, grazie ai bus di campo come Modbus e, prossimamente, KNX. Offering additional functionality over the Plug model, ALFA DIN is suitable for more sophisticated energy control, enabling optimized and customized management of energy loads in professional or industrial environments.


Energy communities

Focused on energy communities, it improves energy management and sharing, promoting a collective and sustainable approach.

Smart Home

Turn your home into a Smart Home by intelligently managing energy consumption and energy savings.


It seamlessly integrates E-Mobility, managing electric vehicle charging with efficiency and intelligence.


Designed for ESCo, it monitors and optimizes energy efficiency, ensuring savings and sustainability for large-scale projects.


Ideal for small and large companies, it simplifies and improves the efficiency of energy management, reducing costs and environmental impact.


It optimizes the use of renewable energy and storage, balancing production and storage for a greener future.


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