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EQUOBOX is a system for metering a building's energy and resources and allocating operating costs in accordance with UNI 10200

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The EQUOBOX ystem stands out for its modular and scalar architecture, composed of devices capable of collecting measurement data both in wired and wireless modes, or both simultaneously. Its flexibility extends to communication through the most widespread standard protocols such as M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus, KNX, RS485, Bacnet.

EQUOBOX is not limited to just the accounting system. It can be used for monitoring various quantities in the field. Its versatility allows its use to be expanded beyond mere accounting, making it a complete tool for advanced data management and monitoring.


The scalable structure of EQUOBOX is modulated into different solutions, guaranteeing a precise response to the various system needs. Everything is done in compliance with the real needs of the user, with the aim of maximizing efficiency and keeping costs as low as possible.

Easy to install

EQUOBOX is easy to install, allowing the entire system to be configured in minutes.. With a single button, the user can start the network scanning process to search for and recognize devices in the field, significantly simplifying the user experience..

Open and integrated

EQUOBOX is an open and integrated system, guaranteeing compatibility with the most popular meters on the market. Its web interface allows for simple and quick configuration of system parameters, also allowing intuitive consultation of data, notifications and alarms. It is accessible through the most popular technologies such as web browsers and smartphone apps, ensuring flexibility of use from anywhere.


EQUOBOX is complete thanks to its wide range of devices that allow the metering of different energy sources and resources, including thermal and cooling energy, hot and cold domestic water, electricity, gas, gray water and municipal solid waste. Offering data guarantee, EQUOBOX provides precise and timely detail on the user’s consumption, making him aware and able to pursue energy efficiency.



In new buildings with a centralized “horizontal distribution” system,direct metering is used to encourage energy saving. Instead, in older buildings with a “vertical distribution” system, indirect metering is adopted. Current regulation requires the use of thermoregulation valves with at least two temperature levels to optimize energy consumption, allowing users to be charged only for actual consumption.


Monitoring company consumption with EQUOBOX leads to efficient use of resources. The system allows you to control energy consumption and other quantities in various departments via sensors. Thanks to compatible protocols, EQUOBOX devices can be used in different business contexts, monitoring moving objects or production sites remotely, with alarm signals directed to your office.


Monitoring the consumption of commercial activities is essential to optimize expenses. With EQUOBOX, you can do this at a single level or across a chain of stores, identifying inefficiencies, malfunctions or staff habits. In shopping centres, Smart Repeater Sinapsitech ℗ ensure broad coverage, while the RTU allows you to view and group the meters of each store with available reports. All can be managed comfortably from a single web interface, allowing the shopping center to monitor consumption and alarms remotely.


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