EQUOBOX system architecture

Thermal Energy, Gas, Water, Electricity and other...

EQUOBOX is designed to communicate with various devices in the field: meters, allocators, probes, and sensors.

EQUOBOX Components



RTUEVO2T of the EQUOBOX system. Data acquisition and historicization system from W.M-Bus 868 MHz / OMS EN13757 allocators and meters (via concentrators with Mesh Network technology)/cable. Through web interface it enables meter reading, report generation, setup and consultation of reading history. Supports up to 2500 radio meters and 500 on two separate M-Bus lines (up to 20 cable meters via built-in M-Bus port).

equobox LC1


M-Bus level converter for managing up to 60 devices.
Field module for reading data from M-Bus meters.
Stand-alone module for use with SIN.EQSW1.
M-Bus slave interface for use as a booster/repeater to extend the M-Bus network by an additional 60 devices. 24V AC/DC power supply.

Level Converter 250


M-Bus level converter for managing up to 250 devices on the same M-Bus line.
Field module for reading data from M-Bus meters.
Stand-alone module for use with SIN.EQSW1 (need to prepare SIN.EQUSB232) and/or third-party systems via RS232/RS485 (exclusive), M-Bus slave ports.
M-Bus slave interface for use as a booster/repeater to extend the M-Bus network by an additional 250 devices.
230V AC power supply (power supply unit included). Allows the power supply of No.1 external SIN.EQRTUxx unit.



Multi-hop support enabling the extension of acquisition range between W.M-Bus OMS radio device and W.M-Bus 868 MHz / OMS EN 13757 datalogger with Mesh Network technology.Patch installation. Configurable via SIN.EQSW1. 230V 50Hz power supply.

Simple and Efficient Local and Remote Access

Access to the EQUOBOX interface is made possible both locally and remotely, thanks to the datalogger with integrated web server (RTU) and Cloud service. This duality offers flexible and convenient control, adapting to different user needs.

Versatility Demonstrated in a Typical Context.

The image illustrates a typical building with multi-story apartments and a basic technical room. In this example, EquoBOX uses a combination of wiring and wireless to demonstrate its incredible versatility. The solution easily adapts to different plant configurations, offering efficient and customized management.

Interfacing with District Heating Regulators and Custom Solutions

EQUOBOX offers the possibility of interfacing with district heating controllers, expanding its functionality to meet the specific needs of users. The flexibility of EQUOBOX is further extended by allowing the development of custom solutions on demand, guaranteeing precise adaptation to individual needs.



Data concentrator enabling the acquisition of signals from RF devices according to the W.M-Bus 868 MHz / OMS EN13757 standard. It supports Wireless M-Bus S, T & C modes. It is equipped with a built-in GPRS modem. It can manage up to 500 transmission devices and different transmission periodicities (weekly, daily, hourly, quarter-hourly). Supplied with built-in SIM CARD. Supplied with No. 1 year, annual fee for sending reports with data and alarms,according to selected profile.

Radio data concentrator for meters with wireless M-Bus protocol

The “RPT868XM” is an effective solution for managing small properties. This data concentrator collects signals from RF devices following the M-Bus 868 MHz and OMS wireless standards. It has a range of 250 meters outdoors and 25 meters in buildings. Designed for exposed wall installations, it has a plastic casing, hidden electrical connections and integrated antennas. Easy to configure via the Sinapsi Global Hub IoT platform and indicative LEDs.

Includes a GPRS modem with IoT SIM and can connect up to 500 W.M-Bus devices. It supports various transmission frequencies (weekly, daily, hourly, quarterly) depending on the chosen profile. Comes with an annual subscription for reports and alerts. It is compatible with M-Bus S, T & C wireless modes.

Manageable via the Sinapsi Global Hub platform, it does not require batteries as it is powered by the mains. Its coverage can be expanded with 868MHz wireless M-Bus repeaters (RPT868X).

Easy use

Commissioning and configuration via APP that can be consulted via smartphone, tablet and PC.
Reading data is transmitted or made available periodically:
• via email via .csv, .xls files
• via ftp


The “RPT868XM” data concentrator allows acquisition from devices of different manufacturers, supporting multimode (S, T, C) wireless M-Bus devices at 868 MHz and OMS protocol.
It is able to support generic sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, digital alarms…) transforming a centralization system into an intelligent IoT application.

equobox_architettura_smartgateway_Tavola disegno 1

The system has a modular architecture and is designed to accommodate a vast range of devices capable of communicating with the most popular standard protocols such as M BUS, KNX, RS485.


Wired Connection (M-Bus):

Using LEVEL CONVERTERS for a reliable connection.


Wireless connection (wM-Bus):

Through the SMART REPEATER SINAPSITECH℗ for maximum flexibility.


Mixed Mode:

Combining wired and wireless to fit your specific needs.

Pre-set Devices and RTU Compatibility

Below is the list of the most common devices that we have already pre-set within the RTU to speed up the installation phase. We remind you that our system, in addition to those indicated, reads all OMS (Open Metering System) devices that use the M-Bus and Wireless M-Bus protocol (except for particular configurations of the devices which must be verified).

Please note: the devices indicated may also undergo variations in data reading depending on their configuration. For further checks, contact our technical-commercial network.