Sinapsi stands out for its dedication to offering advanced technological solutions, focusing on research, development, production and marketing. Specializing in monitoring, control and IoT, high value-added solutions are designed to meet specific needs in diverse areas.

Personalized solutions

Consulting and planning

Integrated Solutions-Kit


Main activities of Sinapsi

Energy metering systems
  • We offer innovative systems for measuring and managing energy, guaranteeing efficiency and precision.
  • Specialized in consumption allocation and operating cost management.
Monitoring of renewable energy
  • We design systems for the production of energy from renewable sources, contributing to environmental sustainability.
Civil and industrial technological systems
  • We develop advanced solutions for technological systems, both in civil and industrial contexts.

Systems integration and development

System integrator for IoT systems
  • Specialized in the integration of IoT systems for optimized and automated management.
Multi-platform development
  • We provide solutions for remote monitoring of Sinapsi devices, compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile.
KNX devices and certification on request
  • We design and develop customized KNX devices with the possibility of certification on request.
Customized solutions and OEM control
  • We offer customized monitoring system development and IoT-based OEM control solutions.

Education and Support

Product and solutions training
  • We provide comprehensive education courses on our products and solutions, ensuring effective and informed use.

Customized solutions

Sinapsi excels in providing customized remote monitoring and control solutions, adapting perfectly to the specific requests and needs of each customer. Our tailored approach ensures effective and innovative solutions for a wide range of applications.

Customization process

Project phase

  • Detailed analysis of customer needs to define precise technical specifications.
  • Identification of the limits and potential of pre-existing situations.

Prototype phase

  • Rapid prototyping to test and refine the solution.
  • Maximum attention to cost containment without compromising quality.

Full support

  • In addition to supplying the system, we offer additional services such as customized documentation and specific packaging.

Examples of developed solutions

Wide range of applications: supply of systems for lighting control, security, energy accounting and control, remote control of roller shutters, emergency lighting, temperature and ventilation, access control.

Custom supervision solutions

Customized supervision systems:

  • Development of solutions based on web server/cloud architectures, with a focus on open source software.
  • Creating remote monitoring systems accessible on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Gateway custom KNX

Experience in H&B Automation:

  • Sinapsi stands out as a high-profile System Integrator for KNX-oriented applications.
  • Development of customized KNX gateways for an efficient entry into this market segment.

Full support in the editing process:

  • From the definition of specifications to hardware creation, including KNX certification and management of contacts with the KNX association.

Consulting and planning

Our process

1. Feasibility study:

  • In-depth analysis to evaluate the potential and challenges of each project.

2. Planning and implementation:

  • Home & building automation
  • Electronics, electrical engineering and thermoregulation
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Contabilizzazione dell’energia
  • Integration of facility management systems
  • Supervision systems

3. Testing and implementation:

  • We ensure that each solution meets the highest standards before its final implementation.

Integrated Solutions-Kit

Sinapsi’s Integrated Kit Solutions offer complete and versatile packages to meet specific needs in the field of home automation, energy monitoring and technological control. Our kits combine products from Sinapsi and selected partners to provide efficient and cutting-edge solutions.

Kit for KNX home automation systems

  • Designed for the integration and management of thermal and electrical consumption.
  • They enable access to incentives such as the 110% superbonus, combining home automation and consumption analysis for high energy efficiency.

Electrical metering and monitoring kit

  • They offer essential tools for energy management in contexts such as condominiums, including technological alarm monitoring and control functions.
  • Compatible with platforms such as ANACI Digital Place, allowing integration with various protocols such as KNX, Modbus and Bacnet.

Electrical distribution data monitoring kit

  • They provide a complete solution for energy accounting and management of technological alarms in centralized systems.
  • Includes “No Connection” option for environments without internet access.

Characteristics of Sinapsi Kits

Advantages of Sinapsi Kits

Turnkey solutions

Sinapsi kits are designed to offer an immediate and complete solution, reducing the complexity of installation and configuration.

Flexibility and customization

Suitable for different needs, the kits can be customized to integrate perfectly into various operational contexts.

Innovation and advanced technology

We use cutting-edge technologies to ensure high performance and efficient energy management.

Kit Components and Technologies

KNX home automation kit

They include devices such as data loggers, gateways for KNX/Modbus systems, energy meter reading devices and more.

Energy monitoring kit

They include data concentrators, devices for reading consumption, logic machines for management and control, and related accessories.