ALFA , the user device, finally coming !

Campagna INDIEGOGO per acquisto ALFA

From October 7th ALFA is finally available for purchase through a launch campaign on the crowdfunding platform INDIEGOGO.
You can find all the information starting from the site dedicated to this device and clicking on the button PRE-ORDER ON INDIEGOGO
you can access the page of the campaign with all the information and updates at your disposal.

Il contatore giusto

To monitor your energy consumption with ALFA you must have the new generation 2.0 Open Meter, as you can see from the picture above.
To date, in Italy, more than 22 million meters have been replaced, thus exceeding the threshold of 50% of the installed meters and it is therefore very likely that you have a new one and you do not yet know exactly how to use it.
That’s why we created ALFA and decided to launch it to the end user through the INDIEGOGO platform.

Beware that there are only a few pieces available at a really affordable launch price.
Once the perk with the biggest discount is exhausted, the devices will be purchased at increasing discounts.
The campaign lasts only 40 days!
So hurry up!