eSolar CUBO LIGHT chosen by the Municipality of Perugia to increase energy efficiency

The Preschool of Ramazzano (PG) has been the subject of technical interventions in order to improve its energy efficiency.
To achieve the goal Sinapsi’s products have been chosen.
eSolar CUBO LIGHT together with devices for building automation, conforming to EN50090 and the KNX standard, made possible to improve the energy performance of the building, bringing it from class G to Class A.
eSolar CUBO LIGHT  monitors the energy production of the photovoltaic system and allows a planned management of electrical loads, thereby optimizing consumptions, and documenting the results through graphs and detailed analysis of data.
The result is another green school.
The inauguration is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 16:30.

inaugurazione-comune perugia-sinapsi
Download the inauguration program