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It is possible to realign the date and time of the DataLogger by synchronizing it with your PC by the menu: System configuration / system setup / system/ data and time configuration.

The backup DataLogger is possible in two different ways:
Automatically, placing on the appropriate USB port on the DataLogger, a minimum 4GB USB support free of automatically starting software, and planning the operation through the following menus: System configuration / schedules.
Otherwise, it is possible to backup the data by exporting the file .sqlz and saving it on your PC by using the following menu: system data export / export / backup data base.

The system reset is possible only by administrator. You need the administrator password to confirm the operation, using the following menu: System configuration / system setup/ system/ system data reset.

It is possible to get the PV system production, in the following file formats: .xls .csv .xls (iOS). You can planned it from the following menu: System configuration / planning / sending data of the plant via e-mail.

The connection to the Sinapsi Data Service is possible via system configuration menu. You can obtain further details from user handbook.

The connection time may vary depending on the size of reference PV system.

Sinapsi Data Service is reachable via URL provided upon signature of Sinapsi contract.

The number of plants is defined by contract.

By default, the service is provided on hosting by Sinapsi farm server, it is possible to presume an installation at another Server Farm after feasibility analysis.

The production data are updated every 15 minutes

Yes, multiple users can be managed with different types of ACL.

Yes, it is possible to produce different types of reports in SNPDO section as in the paragraph.

Yes the system is accessible via Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.

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