Web interface

ESOLAR products offer a native web server interface, designed for simple navigation complete with all the functions necessary for system management.

Feature Overview

Monitoring and Graphic Analysis

  • System visualization: Detailed graphs for power, energy, efficiency and PV module power.
  • Inverter and String Analysis: Graphs and tables for single inverter and string.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Real-time visualization of sensor trends.
  • Inverter Group Management: Overview and control of inverter groups.

Economic and Performance Analyses

  • Economic Performance: Graphs of economic performance parameters.
  • Comparison and Forecasts: Comparison of energy produced and expected energy, annual forecasts.
  • Efficiency Analysis: Management and verification of self-consumption efficiency.

Smart Management and Automation

  • KNX control: Remote management of loads, verification of integrated systems status, creation of automation scenarios.
  • Energy Automation: Automated logic for managing energy flows.

Historicization and Data Management

  • Viewing and Managing Meters: Detailed data for different types of energy meters.
  • Data Export: Support for formats such as Excel, CSV, TXT, with export customization.
  • Data Backup and Redundancy: Options for automatic and manual backup, both local and remote.

Notifications and Diagnostics

  • Alarms and Notifications: Notification system via web, email, SMS for various events and alarms.
  • Integrated Diagnostics: Communication and connection tests, for efficient maintenance.

Interface and External Integration

  • Compatibility and Customization: Support for LCD screens, external LED displays, Web APP compatible with various devices.
  • Promotion of Eco-Sustainability: Options for conveying the message of environmental sustainability.


Click on the link below to access our demo platform:

Once on the login page, use these credentials:

  • Username: utente
  • Password: Utentedemo123!

Through our demo interface, you will be able to:

  • Navigate through the different advanced features.
  • Preview real-time tracking graphs.
  • Explore management and automation options.
  • Understand how eSolar can improve the efficiency and sustainability of your system.

This demo experience will allow you to personally evaluate the ease of use and versatility of the eSolar interface, designed for users of all skill levels.