Photovoltaics: a few steps to avoid general system charges

The competitiveness decree D. L. 91/2014 as converted into Law 116/2014 introduced the requirement for all production plants from renewable sources of power greater than 20 kW to payment system charges not only on energy drawn from the grid but also energy self consumed.
The system costs are approximately one third of the average cost of electricity supply, estimated at € 50-55 / MWh, so that all plants from renewable sources above, will be obliged to pay as a contribution to the management of electrical system, as a function of MWh produced and self-consumed by the PV and / or cogeneration plant.
It is possible, however, avoid paying so much!
In fact, for plants producing energy from renewable sources or cogeneration on duty by December 31, 2014, operating in their own consumption and that do not use purchase/resale & net metering, it is possible through the recognition of the status of “SEU” or “SEESEU “issued by the GSE, to get a very important advantage on the general system charges you will be asked to contribute.
In particular, systems that get the GSE qualification as SEU/SEESEU will be required to pay a small fee to cover the costs of the system, in an amount equal to 5% of the corresponding unit amounts due on energy drawn from the grid.
These tariff benefits will apply as from the month following the achievement of the qualification but may be extended retroactively until 1 January 2014 or at least from the date of activation if later, if you are claiming the status no later than May 31, 2015.

Bloomfield, thanks to years of experience and proven expertise, is able to provide support to companies in the process of obtaining the SEU / SEESEU qualification of plants from renewable sources, following step-by-step the producer client  in research and delivery of the minimum documentation required, preparing the technical and administrative documentation required by the GSE and taking care of the transmission of the practice electronically, as Representative for the producer customer.

You still have little time to save 95% on the cost of the system charges, to receive an offer write to:

– Power plant;
– The place where it is;
– References of the holder.

Download Qualification SEU_per sending pdf informative