Metering devices to be redone in 10 years because EU changes

Metering devices to be redone in 10 years because of amendments to directives issued by the European Union

Everything to be done within the next 10 years.

The new metering devices recently installed in homes must be already replaced  by 2027 if they are not readable from a distance.
Some amendments to the EU directives 2012/27 and 2010/31 submitted to Member States in March 2017 sanction it.
The novelty concerns the replacement or transformation of all individual meters or individual metering devices already installed but not readable at a distance. Yet most of these individual meters – not necessarily legible at a distance – have recently been installed and in Italy the extension was delayed to June 30, 2017.

This is not the case for the Sinapsi smart metering solutions that provide remote reading, via RTU with onboard web server and sinapsitech℗ repeaters, of heat cost allocators and meters, as exemplified in the following diagram 


The SMART wireless M-Bus sinapsitech℗ solution is indicated for anyone who needs to remotely consult data and to generate reports for systems containing a single type of in-field bus.
It is based on sinapsitech℗ repeaters able to acquire the signal from one or more communicating meters according to the wireless M-Bus standard and retransmitting the received data to a network of other sinapsitech℗ devices in order to extend their radio range.
The data can also be acquired and displayed via RTU (SIN.EQRTU1T), datalogger with integrated web server both locally and remotely.