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DELIBERATION n° XI/3502 | Lombardy Region decides that: “walk-by and drive-by mobile reading systems are NOT considered suitable for remote reading”.

The Italian Government sins in transposing the EU Directive 2018/2002 and the Lombardy Region takes a position on remote reading systems With the Legislative Decree 73/2020, the Italian Government has implemented the EU Directive 2002/2018. In doing so, it has not pronounced itself in relation to recital 33 of the Directive which asks member states to express their opinion on the definition of remote reading, including or not mobile reading technologies (walk-by and drive-by). In …

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3G PHASE OUT “Sinapsi offers solutions with Router and Bundle connectivity already prepared for 4G operation.” We inform you that the telephone operators have communicated the intention to start a progressive withdrawal of network resources on 3G technology. The activity will take place gradually starting from 2020 NOVEMBER  and will be completed in the following months. For all devices and services in 2G and 4G the continuity of service will be guaranteed without any impact …

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Heat accounting: the new features provided for by Legislative Decree no. 73/2020

LEGISLATIVE DECREE NO. 73 OF 14 JULY 2020: NEW CRITERIA FOR THE ALLOCATION OF HEATING COSTS IN CONDOMINIUMS. Legislative Decree no. 102/2014 introduced the obligation to accounting and thermoregulation of heat in condominiums with central heating systems and the allocation of consumption costs in order to reduce energy consumption and the emission of gases responsible for the greenhouse effect. The regulations were amended with the latest Legislative Decree no. 73 of July 14, 2020, published in the Official Gazette on July 14, 2020, and in …

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