The new SECURITY PACK for photovoltaic plant monitoring systems in the ESOLAR family has been released.

The 2.0.2870_xxx_2.2.12 version firmware update for eSolar LIGHT, eSolar, eSolar DUO products has been released and is available.
Among other things, this contains the new and powerful SECURITY PACK, which increases the safety of the photovoltaic plant monitoring systems of the ESOLAR family by Sinapsi; with even greater effective protection from unauthorised accesses and intrusions from the network

Release note

  • “MR_01_2012” safety packet inserted
  • Conto D4-Pd model IME meter protocol inserted
  • GTW TCP/IP communication mode introduced on PowerOne STRINGCOMB string controllers
  • Alarms 0152, 0153, 0252, 0452, 0852, 0853, 1052, 2052 introduced. Undefined on Schneider Xantrex inverter if the value is not envisioned in the descriptions
  • Modification on Schneider Xantrex GT250E inverter introduced for energy reading in registers 28 and 29 if “0” is found in registers 26 and 2
  • “No Communication” introduced in the Schneider Xantrex inverters if the Papouch returns a value different to “0” in register 1
  • Modification regarding introduction management of login credentials
  • Modification on Schneider Conext inverter alarms mapping
  • Siel inverter states/alarms update
  • Bug Fixed change winter/summer time Bug Fixed Delta inverter energy value
  • Bug Fixed Siemens SINVERT M/S inverter energy value Bug Fixed ABB model PVS800 inverter states acquisition
  • SNPDS version 201210160922