The experimentation of the e-distribuzione new 2.0 Open Meter has started


Sinapsi and Estra prime in Italy to launch the experimentation of the new smart meters 2.0 Open Meter of e-distribuzione, through the use of cutting-edge devices to control in real time their own electricity consumption.

Acoustic warning of exceeding available power, knowledge of its consumption in real time, future access to new energy services in a smart home and bills increasingly tailored to the customer. These are just some of the potential offered by the latest generation 2.0 meters (Open Meter) that e-distribuzione is installing throughout Italy. The new meters are able to communicate information to specific devices currently under test: this is the object of the Chain 2 Monitoring required by the Arera (Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment) for the experimentation promoted by e-distribuzione. The first to establish the correct communication with smart meters was a device produced by Sinapsi and installed at a customer of Estra Elettricità Spa, the subsidiary of the Estra group.

The acoustic warning of exceeding the contractual power, already active on the devices installed, encourages the consumer to pay more attention and helps to avoid the repetition of these episodes that, as a rule, involve an automatic adjustment of power and therefore higher costs in the bill.

These are devices connected in wi-fi to be simply inserted into an outlet, which receive from the meters a series of information on the energy consumed. In the future, the devices will give access to further information and applications, for example via mobile app, and will allow the use of additional services, such as billing on more bands than those provided to date.

The monitoring, launched throughout Italy, will end on 30 April 2018.

“We are a company that has always been dynamic and attentive to the news in our sector – states Francesco Macrì president of Estra – and the close link with the territories that distinguishes us as a utility is a further incentive to commit ourselves daily to topics such as research and innovation above all when it comes to environment and energy efficiency in particular. This experimentation, in fact, has the merit of contributing to spreading virtuous behavior among consumers “.

“The installation of the new 2.0 smart meter for the first time in the history of electrical distribution, provides the end user with the possibility to have knowledge and awareness of their electricity consumption in real time. This is possible thanks to the integrated and joint use of the new 2G electric meter and of the User Device supplied by companies such as Sinapsi. The availability of consumption data and exceeding thresholds in real time will open the way to new application solutions in the field of energy efficiency and to a true integration between domotic systems and electricity meter of the distribution company “comments Eng. Massimo Valerii, CEO of Sinapsi srl.

“Keeping up with the times is crucial for companies in the electricity market – underlines Antonino Azzarello, director of Estra Elettricità – and being the first in an initiative that is all for the benefit of end users represents an added value. The fact of being able to know their habits, offers customers a tool for concrete savings and we have the opportunity to diversify services and offers based on individual needs “.

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