Workshop: Sinapsi solutions for new business opportunities

Ahead of its time and careful to the needs of the market, SINAPSI presents its commercial proposals during a WORKSHOP organized  at its headquarters, to present its wide range of products for:

  • the SMART METERING: Introduction to the new European and Italian regulatory scenarios , UNI 10200: 2013 and Legislative Decree 102/2014. EQUOBOX: complete, open, scalable and integrated solution for energy metering and distribution of consumption, in accordance with UNI 10200: 2013.
  • The business service in the world of the generation of heat and cold. CHECKHEAT: remote control system for boilers and heat pumps
  • Photovoltaics as drivers for energy efficiency. ESOLAR: revolutionary family of systems for monitoring and management of local or remote maintenance of photovoltaic systems.

March 26, 2015 from 14.30

Each participant will be given a free ticket to EXPO2015


We invite you to participate!
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