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IoT solutions for the energy transition



Accounting for the energy and resources of a building

The tool capable of accounting for the energy and resources of a building, allowing the distribution of operating costs, in compliance with current regulations.


Monitor your electricity consumption in real time

ALFA is the first device that communicates with the new 2.0 Open Meter electricity meters. This allows you to control your energy consumption even easier and more precisely!


Monitoring for photovoltaic systems

The revolutionary family of systems for monitoring and managing local or remote maintenance of fixed or tracking photovoltaic systems.



The Sinapsi Cloud to better control and manage your devices.

MySinapsi is the access key to the Sinapsi ecosystem. A single platform to manage devices, applications and more, designed to offer a seamless and integrated user experience.


Sinapsi follows the complete process for the development of a technological project, from consultancy for the feasibility study to testing, through design.


Sinapsi provides its customers with specific customized solutions for both products and technical services. Sinapsi designs and executes communication gateways between different communication protocols. Develops, designs and implements customized solutions based on web server architectures, preferring S.O. open source, for various applications in relation to each individual customer request.


Sinapsi employs highly qualified staff, part of a dynamic organisation, which constantly invests in research and development in new sectors and markets, with the aim of always offering innovative solutions.

Integrated Solutions-Kit

IoT (“Internet of Things”) is a neologism used in telecommunications born from the need to give a name to real objects connected to the internet. Objects which, connected to the network, allow the real and virtual world to be united.


In the “News” section of Sinapsi you will find the latest news, events and essential updates on the company. Stay informed with Sinapsi, your direct connection to innovation.

SUOM 2023

SINAPSI will also participate as a sponsor of the 11th Smart Utilities Open Meters ( SUOM ) to be held

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