Advanced monitoring for Photovoltaic Systems

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Powerful, customizable, and compatible, it provides optimized energy efficiency and intelligent consumption management. The eSolar system is unique with its plug-and-play setup, intuitive web interface, and over 10 years of field experience.

Long history and experience

Nearly 20 years old, eSolar introduced the first photovoltaic monitoring system in 2006, highlighting a long dedication to the industry.

Globally reliable

ESOLAR positions itself as a world leader, with more than 5000 systems installed worldwide.

Complete and professional service

Decades of experience translates into a highly professional pre- and post-sales service, saving time and economic investments for customers.

Uniqueness in the market

ESOLAR stands out for its unique and original characteristics, not found elsewhere on the market, confirming its excellence in innovation.

Sustainable and inexhaustible energy

ESOLAR embraces the philosophy of the beauty of the Sun as an inexhaustible source of clean energy.

Solar energy, which illuminates us, warms us and gives us life, is at the heart of every solution offered. The peculiarity of this energy source lies in its free nature and its total absence of negative environmental impact.

With an unwavering commitment to the responsible use of resources, eSolar is dedicated to providing photovoltaic solutions that not only harness the Sun’s abundance, but also contribute to the creation of a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy future. By choosing eSolar, you not only embrace the beauty of the Sun, but you become an integral part of a movement towards cleaner, more sustainable energy generation.



Total independence, no annual fee required.


Set object reading with a click on a drop-down menu.


Graphics and features customizable with your brand and colors.

Web interface

Complete and simple to use, available on board. Try a demo.

High compatibility

Wide compatibility with market objects, based on a decade of experience.

Additional plugins

Enhance your eSolar with extra features from a wide range of plug-ins.

Web interface

Discover the effective native web server interface of eSolar products, designed to offer intuitive and complete management of photovoltaic systems.
View detailed graphical analyses, monitor economic and technical performance, and manage all aspects of your system in real time.


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